JOB: Looking for someone who can save journalism

The UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism is seeking a product developer to implement a business model for three hyper-local online news sites the school has been operating for several years.

Part of the charge in building the local sites at the school was to show how journalism students could take advantage of digital media to report and present news and information for local communities. But as everyone knows, building a website doesn’t mean much if it’s not sustainable. In the second phase of our project, we hope to create some type of business model that could be used to sustain small local news operations in the future.

It might be idealistic to say we are looking for someone who could build the next Groupon. But whatever we create, this is the perfect environment for this type of experimentation. We see the school and the sites as a mini research and development lab. Whether it be advertisements, memberships, underwriters, coupons, direct sales, subscriptions, paywalls,  micro-payments or partnerships, we’re open to new thinking about product development and revenue models for quality journalism. We want to try new things and learn from our successes and our failures.

What we learn about making the sites sustainable will also be shared with the larger journalism community through our Knight Digital Media Center seminars and workshops and online guides. We will also post information on this blog about what we find as we go along. Stay tuned.

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