A Hyperlocal Business Canvas

Our friends over at WeLocally have helped Mission Local create a Business Model Canvas. What is that? The video below can give an explanation.

A framing of business is important.
The green boxes represent opportunities.

Interestingly enough – Mission Local is going to be releasing a business directory of sorts soon. We’re going to start with “Clubs” or bars in the Mission – but if it works there is no reason we couldn’t expand from there into other types of businesses.



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One Response to A Hyperlocal Business Canvas

  1. Clay Graham says:

    It was tons of fun to work with Mission Local on this. We are asking all hyperlocal journalists about their perspective on the basic building blocks of hyperlocal journalism and using the canvas as a tool for discussing and collaborating on the business of hyperlocal publishing. We are also building an info-graphic that will be a roll up of all the data we collect and sharing it with the community.

    Its east to participate at: Welocally Business Model Canvas Signup

    Hoping to get to to work with this awesome group of Journalists a bunch more!


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